The Cycle of Fundraising


SIF office - 2 Oliver St. Suite 802, Boston, MA 02109

This workshop will explore the cycle of fundraising from the book Train Your Board (And Everyone Else) to Raise Money, written by nationally recognized fundraising experts Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson. We will discuss approaches to reduce resistance to fundraising in your organization by giving you tools and resources to move past the idea that fundraising equals asking for money. (Spoiler Alert: The ask is actually only a small part of fundraising.) Every participant will leave with a menu of ways everyone - board, staff, volunteers, donors - can participate, even if they are unwilling to be askers.  

Join Alyson Molloy Hussey, Fundraising Coach, Consultant, and Trainer for this fun, interactive workshop on the Cycle of Fundraising. Alyson has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations, including multiple SIF Innovators, to establish and grow their fundraising operations.

If you are interested in attending this event, please reach out to