Each year, the Social Innovation Forum’s community of high-level volunteers provides hundreds of hours of evaluation, mentoring, and capacity-building support to the nonprofit organizations in our programs.

SIF allows me to utilize my professional and life skills to help social change organizations grow their impact.

There are many ways to get involved and use your skills to increase the impact and effectiveness of high-potential social purpose organizations, including:

  • Volunteering as an evaluator, pitch advisor, or mentor

  • Hosting an SIF event at your home or workplace

  • Attending events to learn and meet others who share your interests.

A selection of volunteer roles is below. To learn more about SIF, our Innovators and Entrepreneurs, and how you might get involved, email Tanya Inwald at tinwald@socialinnovationforum.org or call us at 617.492.2305.

Select Volunteer Roles

Social Innovator Accelerator

Evaluation Committee (September-October)

Time Commitment: 3-6 hours application review + one 3-hour review session

During early fall, volunteer evaluators help SIF review semifinalist applications for the Social Innovator Accelerator. Evaluators use SIF’s online portal to read and score applications for one of the social issue tracks and then engage in a one-time, group discussion of the applicants’ strengths and areas for improvement. SIF evaluation committee members often bring particular knowledge and interest in the social issue track on which they are evaluating. This experience provides an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with others in the field.

Executive Coach (September - April)

Time Commitment: 20-30 hours

The SIF volunteer executive coaching program provides experienced coaches with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to help nonprofit leaders who are focused on social impact. Each executive coach will work with one of our Social Innovators to help enhance their personal and professional leadership skills. Executive coaches assist Innovators in developing a set of specific, personal growth goals that will enable them to capitalize on their consulting engagements and other aspects of the Social Innovation Forum program. Executive Coaches must have an executive coaching degree (or equivalent certification), and familiarity with or interest in the unique challenges that nonprofit leaders and organizations face. Coaches receive support from SIF staff, lead coach(es), and peer coaches. 

Pitch Panelist (April)

Time Commitment: One 3-hour session

The Social Innovation Forum seeks assistance each year with giving feedback to our Social Innovators before they are showcased to the broader community. During the early part of April, our groups practice and receive feedback from a group of people who are not familiar with their work. Volunteering as a panelist involves attending at least one session and providing constructive oral and written feedback on the Innovators’ pitch presentation at that session. 

Quote by Jeff Kushner, SIF supporter & volunteer