Building a Culture of Trust & Connection



In this interactive workshop, organizational leaders who are most responsible for and empowered to set their workplace culture will take a deeper dive into building a culture of trust and meaningful connection. People who play a role in setting the organizational culture from a leadership perspective are invited to join.

The workshop will include expert-level insights from facilitator Dr. Palacios, individual reflection, small group sharing, and large group reflection. The core concepts covered will include: expectations of trust, meaningful connection and vulnerability in the workplace, the various factors that impact their mindsets, the function of vulnerability and psychological safety in the workplace, approaches toward successes and failures, engaging teams across the intro-extrovert spectrum, and creating a safe space for moments of vulnerability.

Participants will leave with useful content and core concepts to apply at work and discuss in their own settings. This will be a space where participants can talk honestly with each other and bond over their unique responsibilities to change their team culture.

About the Facilitator: Dr. Stephanie Palacios is an internationally recognized mindfulness and work mental wellness speaker, consultant, and coach. With over 15 years of experience and a passion for transforming lives, she partners with organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals to nurture sustainable frameworks and habits that empower them to thrive both within and beyond the workplace. Dr. Palacios holds a PsyD in clinical psychology and dual postdoctoral specializations in mindfulness and primary care behavioral health integration. She trained at Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard Medical School.

This workshop is open to members of SIF's Nonprofit Network. For questions, please contact Jenna Nackel at