2025 Social Issue Tracks

Seeking Organizations Working in Key Topic Areas

2025 Social-issue-tracks

For the 2025 Accelerator Program, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is seeking nonprofit organizations working in the following issue areas. Please review the specific track criteria to find the track(s) most applicable for your organization. Organizations may apply for up to two tracks. 

Addressing Health-related Social Needs and Building Thriving Communities

Track Partner: James B. Boskey Memorial Foundation

At least two Innovators will be selected on this track. We recognize the social issues that organizations are addressing are intersectional, therefore, on this track, strong applicants will be able to connect their mission to at least two or more of the following categories: 

  • Built Environment
    • Housing 
    • Access to Healthy Affordable Food
    • Transportation Justice 
  • Social Environment 
    • Social Cohesion & Conflict Resolution (outside of police structures)
    • Civic Participation
    • Disability Justice 
  • Economic Stability 
    • Workforce development 
    • Employment Justice 
    • Workplace Safety 
  • Education
    • Early Childhood Development and Education
    • Post/Secondary Education
  • Health Care Access and Quality
    • Access to Quality Affordable Health Services
    • Mental Health Services 
    • Health Literacy

Additionally, organizations will: 

  • Provide comprehensive or wraparound services to program participants.

  • Utilize a culturally informed approach that offers creative and long-term solutions toward improved health outcomes.

  • Meet the Social Innovator Accelerator Criteria.
 Advancing Access to the Arts

Track Partner: The Charlotte Foundation 

On this track, strong applicants will be able to demonstrate some or all of these key characteristics:

  • Engage Eastern Massachusetts residents of any age with the arts (organizations with a visual arts component are particularly encouraged to apply)
  • Advance exposure to arts among populations with limited access and resources 
  • Use arts to increase cultural heritage, civic engagement, and/or community-building 
  • Empower program participants through expression of their emotions, ideas, and thoughts 
  • Use art to improve mental, emotional, or social wellness of vulnerable populations
  • Meet the Social Innovator Accelerator Criteria.
 Building Financial Resilience 

Track Partner: MassMutual Foundation 

Social Innovation Forum seeks organizations that contribute to building household financial resilience by supporting residents’ ability to earn, protect, and grow their money. In doing so, residents can become equipped to withstand financial shocks and avoid crippling, often predatory, cycles of debt. 

On this track, strong applicants will be able to demonstrate these key characteristics:

  • Provide innovative programming that drives outcomes in support of financial resilience. Program focus could include, but is not limited to: debt reduction, increased savings, budget planning, credit building, access to safe and affordable financial products, and increased employment and income. 
  • Intentionally collaborate with fellow nonprofit organizations and other institutions committed to eliminating barriers to household financial resilience. 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to an equitable economy and prioritize systemically and socially under-resourced communities. 
  • Meet the Social Innovator Accelerator Criteria.
 Pathways to Climate Resiliency 

Track Partner: Liberty Mutual Insurance

On this track, strong applicants will be able to demonstrate some or all of these key characteristics:

  • Offer impactful, long-term, and sustainable solutions to community-identified issues around climate resiliency.
  • Advance climate resiliency through strategies that may include: nature-based solutions (urban farming, accessibility to green spaces), food justice, transportation justice, green jobs, movement building, policy advocacy, and collaboration with other stakeholders. 
  • Recognize and amplify the voices and needs of low-income communities, communities of color, and historically underserved communities. Center leadership and build power in the communities served. 
  • Provide community members with a range of opportunities to engage and participate in climate resiliency efforts to build resilient communities and infrastructure.
  • Development of resilient and sustainable infrastructure in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.
  • Organizations must be operating in Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Quincy, Randolph, and/or Somerville to apply.
  • Meet the Social Innovator Accelerator Criteria.