Access Amplified: 2022 Annual Report

SIF is cultivating connections and inspiring conversations that amplify social change


As the Social Innovation Forum approaches its 20th anniversary, we remain committed to mobilizing resources and connections that allow meaningful social change to flourish. We’re inspired by the vision and resilience of our nonprofit partners leading change in critical areas in their communities, and we’re increasingly determined to expand resource access (financial and social) for communities historically underserved by philanthropy.

Equity—particularly, racial equity—is a driver of everything we do. This year, we’ve  listened closely to our community as we’ve sought to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent full access to and participation in our network. We’ve also worked as a team to uphold our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our internal structures. In this year’s report, you’ll find examples of the numerous shifts we’ve made as a result—including the first steps of a revision to our Accelerator application and selection process, an expanding commitment to participatory philanthropy, and renewed emphasis on prioritizing the wellbeing of the individuals who lead social change. This year, we also expanded our reach, convening a national network of place-based
organizations—from Seattle to Miami—to exchange best practices and elevate social change as a collective.

As always, we have far more to share than can fit in one report. If you’re motivated by what you see, we hope you’ll stay connected and join us in the coming year as we celebrate two decades amplifying social change.

Susan Musinsky, Executive Director

Weston (Tony) Howland III, Board of Directors