Announcing the 2024 Social Innovator Accelerator Finalists

Meet 20 local nonprofits working for positive social change

The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is pleased to announce the 20 finalists for the 2024 Social Innovator Accelerator. These organizations and programs represent some of the nonprofit sector's most promising approaches to addressing the toughest social issues of Eastern Massachusetts. 

For our signature Accelerator program, we received 70 applications across six social issue tracks. We are grateful to our evaluation committee members, a group of 32 social issue experts who gathered on Zoom and in person to evaluate applications and narrow down the finalists. The 20 finalists recently completed site visits and will undergo final due diligence before eight Social Innovators are selected in early December.  

Advancing Educational/Workforce Pathways and Supports for Adolescents and Young Adults   

Building Financial Resilience 

Disrupting Cycles of Harm and Building Pathways to Healing 

Holistic Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing in Historically Excluded Communities (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disability)  

Pathways to Climate Resilience 

Strengthening Democracy Through Civic Engagement and Community Empowerment 

Thank you to the 2024 Track Sponsors: 

Jampart Charitable Trust, Liberty Mutual Insurance, James B. Boskey Memorial Foundation, Anonymous, MassMutual Foundation, and the Youth & Education Collaborative (Jim and Lisa Valone, Move the World Foundation, and Wellington Management Foundation)