A Fond Farewell to David Howse, SIF Board Member

David leaves the Board in late October

As we embark on this fall season, we are sad to bid farewell to David Howse, SIF Board Member, as he steps down from his position. We have had the privilege of working with David since SIF’s founding. Over the years, the Board of Directors and SIF staff have amassed so much appreciation and respect for David's work. David's presence and dedication to our community is a true gift.

David is officially leaving the Board in late October. Recently, we had a lovely board dinner where David shared some words from a song, and we would also like to share them with you. He used to sing these lyrics with the community at church back in Tennessee… 

If I can help somebody as I pass along

If I can do my duty, as a good man ought,

If I can bring back beauty, to a world up wrought,

Then my living shall not be in vain.

We thank David for putting community first in so many ways and wish him the best on his future endeavors. 

Song Lyrics: Mahalia Jackson’s “If I can help somebody”