Going Further Together - A Message from the Executive Director

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Dear Friends,

Centering the work of nonprofits is the true core of our mission at the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) and since joining the organization in January, I have enjoyed connecting with leaders and supporters across the SIF community who share our vision to grow social impact.

It is truly a delight to be in relationship and partnership with the nonprofit community of Eastern Massachusetts at this moment of transformation and change across the sector. The years that I spent leading individual nonprofit organizations and facilitating change and equitable practices across elements of the sector have reinforced the importance of the often quoted and likely misattributed proverb about going further together. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This speaks so eloquently about the importance of cooperation and collaboration, that working together in community helps us go further than we can when we work on our own, and it reminds me of the role SIF plays as an intermediary to help leaders and organizations expand their capacity, their networks, and the impact they are making in their communities.

I step into this role supported by the strong foundation of the organization’s first twenty years. Our commitment to uplifting the work of BIPOC leaders and organizations and to developing new practices and systems are the guideposts as I work alongside the SIF team and board to plan for the next steps on our journey.    

Where do you think we should go? I look forward to hearing from the SIF community to learn more about your thoughts on our collaborations and how we can continue to build an inclusive community and marketplace together guided by our core values.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events — including the March 20th lunch and learn event with our 2023 Innovators and our May 16th Showcase highlighting our 2024 Innovators — and hearing from you in the days ahead.

Let’s go far together.

With gratitude,

Wyona Lynch-McWhite
Executive Director

Wyona Lynch-McWhite joined the Social Innovation Forum in January 2024 as its second Executive Director. This was her inaugural message to the SIF community, sent via email on 2/21/24.