Part 2: SIF Spring Co-Op Reflections

Hear from Julia Chase, Communications and Events Co-Op

It was a pleasure working at the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) as their first Communications and Events Co-op. During my six-month internship, I worked closely with the Senior Communications and Brand Coordinator and the Director of Community Mobilization to drive the organization’s communications strategy forward. Some of my responsibilities included social media management, event planning, writing, and web content development for both Communications and Funder Education initiatives.

My most memorable experience at SIF was our annual Social Innovator Showcase. I feel so fortunate to have been heavily involved in all of the event planning and preparation. I designed and created large poster boards for each of the innovators, as well as posters showing off our in-kind partners, lead sponsors, and social issue tracks. Additionally, I was in charge of coordinating the branded treats that we gave away at the end of the event. I also took the lead on sending out email invitations, keeping track of our RSVPs, and creating, organizing, and distributing name tags at the registration table.

Lastly, a big portion of my Showcase planning time was spent putting together the Social Impact Investment Guide. This 50+ page book was handed out to all attendees, and featured social innovator prospectuses, information on SIF and our Social Innovator Accelerator, social issue tracks, sponsor advertisements, and more. It was so wonderful to be a part of something so special and seeing all of our hard work come to life was truly remarkable.

Outside of Showcase planning, I spent a lot of my time working to  increase our social media presence and engagement. From creating graphic designs to developing strategic language; over the six months of my time here, I increased our Instagram following by roughly 12% (100+ followers) and our LinkedIn following by over 18% (375+ followers). In addition, I supported a variety of departments at SIF with their event communications, including email development, and graphic creations.

I feel so fortunate to have been with SIF for my final co-op through Northeastern. I got to utilize previous skills and develop new ones. I truly felt like a part of the SIF team, as my opinions were valued and I was given ownership of important work. I will never forget my time here!

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