Social Innovator Fund: 2023 End of Year Report

New initiative yields an additional $390,000 for the 2023 Social Innovators

For the 2023 pilot year of the Social Innovator Fund, we raised and allocated a total of $390,000 dollars to the 2023 Social Innovators and finalists. This investment allowed us to compensate all 2023 Accelerator Finalists with $2,500 for their time participating in the SIF selection process. The remaining funds were equally divided among the eight 2023 Social Innovators. Each nonprofit received $45,750 in unrestricted grants in addition to the $10,000 received in December 2022 as part of their social issue track support, increasing the overall unrestricted funding through SIF by over 500%

This type of funding is incredibly meaningful and can be transformational for many of our nonprofit organizations.

The SIF team sincerely appreciates the generosity of all who gave to the Fund, honoring their commitment to strengthening the social impact sector by allocating resources to local, grassroots organizations. Their gift will enhance the impactful work of the 2023 Social Innovators (listed below) who are addressing the most pressing social issues in the communities of Eastern Massachusetts. 

2023 Social Innovators 

chica project


Justice 4 Housing

Latino Health Insurance Program

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust 


RIA, Inc. 

United Interfaith Action of Southeastern Massachusetts


For more information about the Fund or the Innovators, please contact Tanya Inwald, Director of Programs, at