Susan, Welcome Back!

Susan reflects on her three-month sabbatical experience

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I’m excited to be back at SIF after a three-month sabbatical and pleased to share my thoughts on what was a transformative experience.  


Most days I was immersed in nature, mainly in the rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii!  Being in such a beautiful place, deepened my appreciation for my life and work. 


What I learned/relearned while on sabbatical:


• Rest is essential. 

• Being out of one’s comfort zone leads to learning and growth.

• Community is vital and often overlooked in our day-to-day lives.

• A daily gratitude practice helps us navigate the world’s challenges.

• Being aware of one’s privilege is the first step in dismantling systems of oppression.

The time away to rest and reflect was truly a gift for me. I’m eternally grateful to the SIF Board for supporting me in this process. The sabbatical also offered the SIF team a chance to further develop their leadership skills. They rose to meet a lot of challenges in these still fragile times, including bringing us back to in-person events: our Annual Showcase, a New Bedford Site Visit, and finally a Meet-Up between nonprofits and funders in Boston.  


Though our work at SIF is very uplifting, the mood in the sector is hard to hold. I recognize that many of my colleagues may never have a chance for this kind of rest or reflective time, though I’m working to advocate that it become the norm for all of us. I also see many leaders exhausted from years of challenging work that is now compounded by the ongoing pandemics of COVID-19, racial inequity, and economic disparities. 


My SIF colleagues and I remain deeply committed to amplifying the non-profit sector by ensuring our leaders are well balanced to serve and support each other and our communities in many ways. 


SIF will soon turn 20!

I hope you will remain deeply engaged with us and continue to support SIF as we celebrate and embark on the next 20. Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission. 


Warm regards,


Susan Musinsky,

Executive Director