• Hear from More than Words (2009 Social Innovator) and Silver Lining Mentoring (2014 Social Innovator)

    In Notes From the Field we hear from More than Words(2009 Innovator) and Silver Lining Mentoring(2014 Innovator) about how they're pivoting 

  • Hear from Social Capital Inc. (2003 Social Innovator) and Disability Policy Consortium (2019 Social Innovator)

    This week, we hear from Social Capital Inc. (2003 Innovator) and Disability Policy Consortium (2019 Innovator), about how they are pivoting 

  • Key takeaways and lessons learned from Surdna Family Foundation's journey towards social justice philanthropy

    A brief summary of our June 30 event, "Moving Towards Social Justice Philanthropy: One Family Foundation's Journey, Challenges, and Lessons"

  • SIF's In-kind partner Analysis Group reflects on 2018 Social Innovators responses to data-related challenges, adaptations, and successes

    Natalie Bina and Natalie Fox from Analysis Group (SIF In-kind partner) reflected on the 2018 Innovator responses to data-related challenges 

  • Hear from Shelter Music Boston (2013 Social Innovator) and Community Boating Center (2018 Social Innovator)

    In this week's Notes From the Field, we hear from Shelter Music Boston (2013 Social Innovator) and Community Boating Center (2018 Innovator)

  • Hear from Groundwork Lawrence (2013 Social Innovator) and Catie's Closet (2015 Social Innovator)

    In Notes From the Field, we hear from Groundwork Lawrence (2013 Innovator) and Catie's Closet (2015 Innovator) about how they are pivoting 

  • Connect with one or more of our amazing 2020 Social Innovators today!

    This year, we brought our community online for our annual Social Innovator Showcase featuring the 2020 Social Innovators

  • Hear from 2020 Social Innovators Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association and Community Economic Development Center

    The second of two posts that features organizations in our portfolio making pivots to their work with the goal of keeping immigrants safe

  • Hear from 2020 Social Innovators Project Citizenship and English for New Bostonians

    The next stories in Notes From the Field feature several organizations in our portfolio making pivots to their work to keep immigrants safe.

  • Seeking nonprofits for our 24-month capacity-building program

    We are pleased to welcome six new Massachusett nonprofits into our 2020-2021 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort