Centering Equity with Equity Primes and Tools



How can we move from Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity statements, commitments, and plans to concrete actions? Equity primes are a tool that you can use at the beginning of a project to help you consider what steps you can take to create equitable outcomes. In "Centering Equity with Equity Primes and Tools," we'll delve into the theory and practical applications and advantages of these justice-centered tools and collaboratively design an equity prime that participants can bring back to their organizations and use immediately. 

This workshop is open to staff at all levels. It’s a great fit for those who are leading projects and teams and will also provide insights as to how staff in any position could apply this to their work. This workshop will be a mixture of group and small-group discussion and a presentation by Mikel Brand Oliver, owner & principal consultant at Mpact Consultancy LLC.

This workshop is open to members of SIF's Nonprofit Network. For questions, please contact Zane Diamond at