Executive Director Lunch: Supporting New EDs


SIF Office

We invite new EDs to join us for an Executive Director Lunch on Tuesday, May 9th at the SIF office. The goals of this Executive Director Lunch are to  provide an opportunity for newer EDs to connect with peers who are navigating similar challenges in their new role, as well as to provide an opportunity for newer EDs to share ideas on how SIF can play a role in supporting newer EDs as they face challenges specific to their role. 

The past few years have introduced many changes in the nonprofit sector and from that we have seen organizations within the Nonprofit Network navigate various shifts and challenges. Many organizations have seen significant staff turnover, and a number of organizations have seen transitions at the Executive level. As organizations experience leadership transitions, we hope to maintain relationships and continue providing capacity building support with organizations in SIF’s Nonprofit Network and find new avenues to offer support to newer Executive Directors. 

This lunch is intended for Executive Directors who have transitioned into their role within the past two years, but EDs who have been in their role slightly beyond this timeframe are also welcome to attend. 

This session will be held in-person at the SIF office. SIF's Covid-19 policy requires that visitors present proof of vaccination (first two doses) and wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking. We will have face masks available at the office and ask that you bring a photo of your vaccine card. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jameelah.