How Funders Can Partner with Nonprofits to Measure What Matters


SIF Office, 2 Oliver St., Suite 802, Boston, MA 02109

This interactive workshop will explore how funders can partner with nonprofit organizations in pursuit of more equitable approaches to data and measurement. Topics will include the different ways data can help nonprofits to understand aspects of their work (process, outcome, impact), who should be deciding what nonprofit organizations measure, and how funders can support organizations to be learning-focused vs. proving-focused. By partnering with nonprofits to re-envision the role of data and measurement in the sector, funders can build better, more equitable relationships and support efficient and effective service delivery. 

Time will be set aside for peer conversations with other funders to support the opportunity for learning from each other. 

Funders of all types and sizes are welcome to attend, including individual funders, family foundations, and corporate foundations. To create a space for learning and dialogue amongst funders, this workshop is open only to funders. Contact Carina Traub, Funder Learning Manager, at with questions. 


Julia Gittleman, Principal, Mendelsohn, Gittleman & Associates

Julia Gittleman, PhD is a seasoned professional with deep experience in designing and implementing program evaluation and performance measurement strategies. Her work focuses on helping organizations build their capacity to sustain and execute that work independently. Julia has a proven track record with a range of organizations, including those working in youth development, out-of-school time, the arts and K-12 education. She has helped them to advance their planning, program development, performance measurement and management systems. She helps organizations craft clear, practical and useful Theory of Change models.


Andrea Prado-Tuma, Senior Officer, Learning & Evaluation, Barr Foundation

Yamanda Wright, Director, Equitable Learning and Measurement, The Boston Foundation