2023 Annual Report: Centering Nonprofits

SIF places nonprofits at the center of social change work in communities across Eastern Massachusetts

Dear friends, 

Looking back at 2023, we are proud of all that the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) has accomplished! This year marks SIF’s 20th anniversary, and we are celebrating the organization and communities’ long-standing efforts and dedication to the mission of creating positive social change in Eastern Massachusetts.

The organization entered the year with a renewed commitment to the goals that were set out in 2022: revitalizing the accelerator application process, encouraging a more participatory process, and prioritizing the wellbeing of the individuals driving social change. SIF funders were also active in various ways to support the goal of increasing resource access for local non- profits. In December, SIF received a major gift from an anonymous donor that spearheaded the Social Innovator Fund — a vehicle for directing high-impact gifts to local grassroots nonprofit organizations.

In the spring, we shared the news of our founding Executive Director Susan Musinsky’s departure from SIF, and we are especially thankful for her 18 years of service. Looking ahead, all of us expectantly await the opportunity to welcome a new Executive Director to lead this wonderful organization.

We’re excited for you to read through this report to see the timeline of SIF’s major wins over the last 20 years, all the work SIF has been doing to prepare for a new Executive Director, and our continued efforts towards creating a more equitable sector!

Julia Satti Cosentino, Board Chair
Weston (Tony) Howland III, Immediate-Past Board Chair 

Dear friends,

I’m so appreciative of the work we have all done together over these 18 years, as well as the unique and long-term partnerships built through the SIF community. I have valued the many ways the staff, board, and the community have worked on hard change issues. SIF has examined and embraced what it means to focus on equity, backing small grassroots organizations that need our collective attention. I am excited to see SIF’s next phases unfold and look forward to aiding my successor. Thank you for your ongoing support of this incredible mission!

Cheers to the SIF community!

Susan Musinsky, SIF Executive Director, 2005-2023