• We encourage you to check out these 25 innovative nonprofits

    The Social Innovation Forum is pleased to announce the 25 finalists for the 2020 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort

  • Hear from 2008 Social Innovator, City Sprouts!

    In this Notes From the Field you will hear from 2008 Innovator CitySprouts about how their organizations are addressing challenges

  • Significant increase in donations for Boston HERC enables launch of new mentor programming to support youth starting college remotely

    An anonymous donor in our network offered a matching grant opportunity to three 2020 Social Innovators

  • Hear from 2019 Social Innovator, Boston Youth Wrestling!

    This is the second of a two-part series on Youth Voices, which aims to amplify young people's voices connected to SIF’s Social Innovators

  • Hear from 2018 Social Innovator, Fathers' Uplift

    This issue of Notes from the Field is the first of a two-part series on Youth Voices, which aims to amplify the voices of young people 

  • Nonprofit roundtable features Black nonprofit leaders from Transformative Culture Project, Urban Farming Institute, and Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

    On August 13, SIF hosted a Nonprofit Roundtable with Black leaders in the sector to discuss their role in communities of color. 

  • Hear from More than Words (2009 Social Innovator) and Silver Lining Mentoring (2014 Social Innovator)

    In Notes From the Field we hear from More than Words(2009 Innovator) and Silver Lining Mentoring(2014 Innovator) about how they're pivoting 

  • Hear from Social Capital Inc. (2003 Social Innovator) and Disability Policy Consortium (2019 Social Innovator)

    This week, we hear from Social Capital Inc. (2003 Innovator) and Disability Policy Consortium (2019 Innovator), about how they are pivoting 

  • Key takeaways and lessons learned from Surdna Family Foundation's journey towards social justice philanthropy

    A brief summary of our June 30 event, "Moving Towards Social Justice Philanthropy: One Family Foundation's Journey, Challenges, and Lessons"

  • SIF's In-kind partner Analysis Group reflects on 2018 Social Innovators responses to data-related challenges, adaptations, and successes

    Natalie Bina and Natalie Fox from Analysis Group (SIF In-kind partner) reflected on the 2018 Innovator responses to data-related challenges