• Sometimes you just need to start somewhere

    Our team knew big changes were needed to our flagship Social Innovator Accelerator selection process but struggled with the complexity and time needed to get to where we wanted to go. Identifying entry points to change is helping us to make substantial progress in the near-term while working toward a long-term vision for change.

  • Andy shares more findings from her literature review

    Andy Mendez, MBA CORE Fellow, shares important articles highlighting the gaps in the national conversation about place-based social impact work. 

  • Advocacy & Civic Engagement
    One simple word that can change the trajectory of your organization, career, and well-being.

    On Thursday, February 2, 2023 SIF will host an Executive Director (ED) Circle on “The Power of No", a conversation led by Kimberly Paterson.

  • Hear from Mia, Camille, and Vincent as they share more about their co-op experiences

    Mia Guthrie, Camille Guzman, and Vincent Rago,  SIF's Fall Co-ops, shares more about their time working at SIF

  • Eight nonprofits welcomed into 24-month capacity-building program

    The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is excited to announce the selection of eight nonprofits for our 2023 Social Innovator cohort

  • SIF is cultivating connections and inspiring conversations that amplify social change

    It is with great excitement that we share with you the Social Innovation Forum’s 2022 Annual Report: Access Amplified!

  • Meet 18 local nonprofits working for positive social change

    The Social Innovation Forum is pleased to announce the 18 finalists for the 2023 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort. We believe these organizations represent some of the nonprofit sector's most promising approaches to addressing greater Boston's toughest social issues.

  • Andy's research will culminate in a future paper for the CORE cohort

    Andy Mendez, MBA CORE Fellow, shares important articles highlighting concepts that are core to the cohort. 

  • David leaves the Board in late October

    David Howse is leaving SIF in late October after serving many years on the SIF Board of Directors. SIF recently hosted a board dinner where David shared sentimental lyrics from a song he used to sing with the community at church back in Tennessee. We thank David for always putting community first in so many ways and wish him the best in his future endeavors. 

  • Convening on Liberatory Culture in Place-Based Work

    Michelle Dominguez, Chelsea Hartness, and Roshni Sampath come together to discuss liberatory culture in place-based work and social change.